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If you have stumbled upon this page, I thank you for your interest in getting to know me. My name is Michael, and I am an aspiring young pre-dental student looking to grow as a human, athlete, friend, and professional. Please feel free to contact me regarding any inqueries.


Traits I can contribute to any environment:

  • Actively listening to absorb information and produce
  • Bringing a team together to accomplish a goal
  • Analyzing circumstances and making thoughtful decisions
  • Making a mean cup of coffee
  • Creating an open atomsphere to create ideas
  • Striving to always smile


A short list of my activities and their progress:

Dean's Honors List at UC Santa Barbara

An important milestone that demonstrates the value of education and hard work. Though simply a title, I am motivated to consistently perform at a high academic level in the future.

Abstract on relationship between bone mineral density from Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry and Hounsfield Unit from SPECT-CT scanner

As part of a larger research project, the relationship was investigated and shown to have promising correlative outcomes for the prediction of bone mineral density from hybrid CT systems. Potentially, this research could create more utility from hybrid CT scans and delineate more accurate information than previously available.

Co-founder of Alternative Approaches to Medicine, a student-conducted organization

Alternative Approaches to Medicine (AAM) provided a collective outreach effort to join the numerous branches of medicine and discuss pressing issues in the current healthcare atmopshere. Pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-pharmacy students each brought forth different, fresh opinions that enabled an efficient debate. Together, we strengthened our own opinions and investigated how we could shape the future of healthcare.

Coffee Artist and Barista

My passion for java lead me to an opportunity to learn the creative and technical aspects of making the perfect cup. This experience has led to my increased reactive time, manual precision, and attention to detail.

Contact Me

I'm always available for contact whether you have questions, inquiries, or just want to introduce yourself. Thank you for visiting my webpage and don't forget to visit my blog!