How to Accomplish your Fitness Goals

How to Accomplish your Fitness Goals

Wanna lose that last five pounds? Or bulk up and be a part of the 1000lb Club? Any fitness goal takes the same mindset when it comes to seeing results. Here are five rules I use to stay fit:


This is my number one rule because it is the most important. This is life, so there are many unanticipated surprises that will catch you when you least expect it. The important idea to grasp here is that you have to get right back to what you were doing before. Whether it is exercise, dieting, or stretching, all of these goals require that you build a routine of consistency so that you see results. It’s ok to fall and fail, but the true champion is able to pick his or herself back up and stay focused.

2. Keep your goals to yourself

At NYU, Gollwitzer et al. (2009) published a manuscript on the downfalls of making your intentions public. As humans, we want to connect with others, so we may share that, we “are on a diet” or that we “squatted three plates today.” But, these small comments that we may not even acknowledge serve as an act of satisfaction, almost like we have already accomplished our goal. Starting to lift or diet is usually the easiest part. Keeping those same goals, however, is the daunting portion of our fitness goals. So don’t let yourself have the satisfaction of getting something done until it is done…

3. Moderation is key

Being extreme is the enemy of being consistent. By spreading ourselves too thin we push our limited willpower far past what it can accomplish. Allow yourself a couple of moderate fixes in your goals and you will be able to keep them for far longer. By being moderate we avoid our scarcity survival instinct. Here is an example: when dieting, a cupcake miraculously appears and you can’t stop looking at it. But is that the last cupcake you will ever have? When you’re dieting, it can feel like that. Instead, just take a small bite of the cupcake and don’t waste the mental power stressing over cupcakes. Don’t feel guilty about it either. You’ve been consistent about your goals and deserve it.

4. Learn to say no

This skill is difficult to implement because it means you could disappoint friends, acquaintances, and family. But it will help you in not only fitness, but in work and friendships. Many times we are unable to prioritize our fitness goals effectively. What’s more important? Dessert or a six pack. That is what you must decide when making decisions. And I’m not making dessert the villain here. My point is you must prioritize what means most to you and say “yes” or “no” based on your priorities. It is hard to say no, but to accomplish some goals it is necessary.

5. Visualize

Jack Canfield lays out a specific guide here on how you can visualize your goals to achieve them. Visualizing your goals gives you an intrinsic motivation to accomplish your potential strength goal or body goal. The key here is be happy with what you have, but realize that it could be better, and that you have the power to make it better. Humans are amazing and we are capable of so many things (just look around you) and you are no exception.