Three Things You Need to Know About Being in Your 20's

Three Things You Need to Know About Being in Your 20’s

If you’re in your 20’s, there is a good chance that you are lost and confused trying to find the best career, relationship, or lifestyle for you. This unsettling time is still the time that most people wish they could have back. Have you ever asked yourself why? Why does every aged veteran in our job force so desperately miss their 20-year-old-selves?

Well that answer is complicated.

Take a second and remove yourself from your current situation. Think of yourself as only your passions, ideas, thoughts, and motivations. Now remove any hint of influence from your environment. Forget what your parents told you was a good career or what your friend said was impossible to do. Just think of you and you’d want for yourself if no one else had a say.

1. You are holding yourself back

These outside influences that we factor into our daily and lifelong decisions are only as prominent as you make them to be. Yes, advice from others is essential and cannot be ignored. But some people give terrible advice. That idea must not be forgotten.

You and only you know what you want and what you are capable of. This type of freedom allows you to shed your figurative blinders to the possibilities of life. The story that you repeat to yourself is what will fuel your motivations. So take a second and analyze what you want you want for yourself in your career.

2. You are in your prime

Want to know why so many people want to relive the days of their 20’s? It’s simple. This is when your brain, personality, and mindset is almost completely developed while your body is still young and your mind is still flexible. In your 20’s you lose the naivety of your childhood, while learning about how life actually plays out. This fresh transition from your childhood to adulthood creates an environment where being open to change becomes the most important skill you can have. These years, though they surely will be tough, will have the most positive impact on your future and dictate the direction that you chose to go towards. The struggles that you have been undergoing will eventually pay off and create that diamond in the rough. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

3. You are going to fail, a lot

Failure is the most inevitable stepping stone to success. I like to call failure and experience “synonyms” because of their interdependence. Champions are not always those who succeed the fastest. They are those who learn the most from their failures.  If you are going to fail at something, you must learn from it. Therein lies the lesson to success. Failure is necessary, but success is not. Because of this reality, we must learn from our mistakes and use the lessons learned to avoid them the next time around.

There is a saying that goes, “Fail, but fail fast.” The faster you fail while still learning a lesson allows you to achieve success quicker. That’s the reality. These flash-entrepreneurs in the tech industry and other forming bubbles bring a new light to this saying. By age 30, many of these entrepreneurs are on to their 5th, 6th, even 7th businesses. The difference between a good result and a bad result, seems to be the lessons these entrepreneurs carried along with them (as well as some luck).

Closing Words

No matter how confused or lost you become in this era of your life, never lose your confidence, swagger, and personality. We will persevere, and all these tools will be used when the time is right. These three points are realities that we need to accept and move on from. And by learning these lessons now, we create a ripe future.