Why You Should NOT Follow My Blog

Why You Should NOT Follow My Blog

I know you are are reading the title and are probably thinking to yourself, “What is he talking about?” No, I’m not trying to insult my blog or any one else’s for that matter. Instead, I want to give you the opposite perspective of what blogs like this usually go on about. See, I have this deep seated secret about this and many other blogs that I frequent…

I give bad advice. And I can’t do anything about it.

Ok, it’s not that cut and dry. But let me explain. In the past month, I’ve come to my own realization that all advice is only the reflection of someone else following their own inclinations. Very rarely will anything that I or anyone else tells you dictate any real action on your part. The reality is that when you read something on the internet, it may seem like it’s fact and it’s what you needed to hear. Let me assure you, its most likely a distraction and not what you actually needed. All the advice in the world regarding self-improvement, motivation, and living the best life basically boils down to millions of different people trying to paraphrase one thing: effort.

WIthout effort, there is no planning, goal-setting, or realistic dreams. That’s the problem with my blog; there is no way that I can intravenously inject effort into your life. It’s something that you have to decide to exert for yourself. For me, I needed to be completely fed up with living a life that I wasn’t proud of to finally understand what effort was. And when I did understand it, I toyed around with it, learning what it means to “work hard.” I developed my own definition of effort and even now I struggle with implementing it into my life.

What is effort? Effort is more than trying. It’s being consumed with your goal whether you’re falling asleep, waking up, eating, dreaming, studying, working, or anything else. Effort is repeating your fantasies to yourself every chance you can. It’s what you don’t necessarily always believe in but still think of anyway. It’s faking it until you make it, and faking it long enough to finally make it. It’s becoming the story that you’ve imagined for so long because you’ve thought about it for too long. It’s the uncanny ability to imagine the future and do the dirty work to make our envisioned future happen.

Effort is what you inspires you in Kobe’s post-game interview. It gives you chills when you realize that Mumford and Sons started in a garage somewhere. It’s the voice in your head that says “NO!” when you are looking at the donuts. It’s that breath you take remembering what abs look like and believing that you can achieve them. It’s the 0.2 miles left in your 2.8 mile run. It’s the final push that puts you face-to-face with what you could become.

Stop taking my advice if it is distracting you from putting forth the necessary effort you need to accomplish anything. Stop taking anyone’s for that matter. The only real advice to give is what Nike says: Just Do It.